Over the years Simpro has successfully catered to many IT Companies and corporation and Government Organizations with our software solutions and here are few examples we love to mention as case studies. 

Land Aquisition Management Software

Impacting dynamic social scenarios

One of the success stories for LAMS is its implementation in the Karnataka State Highways Improvement Project (KSHIP), a large-scale infrastructure project in India. The project required the acquisition of a significant amount of land for the construction of highways and roads, which presented a significant challenge for the project managers.

With LAMS, the project managers were able to streamline the land acquisition process, significantly reducing the effort and timelines required. LAMS provided a dynamic solution to manage timelines and error-free data capture, making it easier to generate accurate valuations and payment sheets.

In addition, LAMS helped to improve the transparency of the land acquisition process, making it easier for stakeholders to access and review project data. This helped to reduce the likelihood of disputes and delays in the project timeline.

As a result of implementing LAMS, the KSHIP project was able to acquire a significant amount of land faster and with fewer errors, allowing them to meet their project timelines and objectives. LAMS played a crucial role in the project’s success, and its dynamic features were instrumental in simplifying the complex land acquisition process.

The success of LAMS in the KSHIP project has been replicated in other projects, including the Karnataka Neeravari Nigam Limited (KNNL) and Adani Natural Resources. The software’s ability to manage complex land acquisition processes has made it a valuable tool for large-scale infrastructure projects in India.

Overall, LAMS has demonstrated its effectiveness in streamlining land acquisition processes, reducing timelines, and improving transparency. Its success in the KSHIP project is a testament to the quality and effectiveness of the software, and we look forward to continuing to support organizations in their land acquisition needs.


Budgeting, Material and service procurement, Payments and subcontracting


United Global Corporation Ltd’s implementation of Agora software is a notable success story for the platform. The company has been using Agora since 2019 to manage multiple infrastructure projects across India, including budgeting, material and service procurement, payments, and subcontracting.
With Agora’s real-time communication and collaboration features, United Global Corporation Ltd was able to streamline their project management processes and improve communication among team members. Agora’s secure platform also allowed the company to manage sensitive financial transactions and data with confidence.
By using Agora, United Global Corporation Ltd was able to reduce project timelines, enhance project efficiency, and improve overall project outcomes. The success of this implementation demonstrates Agora’s versatility and adaptability to various industries and use cases.


leading software to manage and track financial instruments


With FINORA, JMC Projects was able to automate and streamline their entire financial management process. They were able to easily track and manage their bank guarantees, letters of credit, and other financial instruments, and reduce the processing time for these transactions by up to 80%.

FINORA’s automated notifications and reminders also helped JMC Projects to stay on top of their financial commitments and avoid any penalties or late fees. The solution provided them with a comprehensive view of their financial transactions, making it easier for them to identify and resolve any discrepancies quickly.
As a result of implementing FINORA, JMC Projects was able to significantly improve their financial management processes, reduce errors, and improve transparency in their operations. They also reported significant cost savings, as they were able to reduce the number of staff required to manage their financial instruments.
Overall, our success story with JMC Projects is a testament to the effectiveness and efficiency of FINORA as a solution for managing financial instruments. We are proud to have helped JMC Projects streamline their financial management processes and achieve success, and we look forward to continuing to support them and other organizations in their financial management needs.