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We Leverage our experience and expertise to deliver best-in-class bug-free software.

Functional Testing l Performance Testing l Security Testing

Software’s We Test :


Mobile Applications


Desktop Applications


Web Applications


Enterprise software’s

Even with the rapid evolution of technology, software testing will always remain an integral and essential part of the process. Software defects may cause disruptions in service sparking chaos, impacting essential services, leading to financial losses, or impacting brand reputation and customer loyalty. Every week we see new stories emerge which reminds us the criticality of this part of the process in software development and maintenance life cycle.

AT SIMPRO, we believe in

Testing Results in Saving

Quality is valuable to the customer


Getting it right the first time


Simpro, adopts a triad of Lean, Six Sigma and Agile practices in its approach to software testing and recommends early planning and testing to deliver a bug free system to production, ensuring systems availability, stability, functionality and performance

We have a deep expertise in Software Development and Testing through our own venture into product development and have successfully delivered a number of high-quality software development and testing projects to our Government and Private customers in India, UK and Canada. 




Test Design

In consultation with your subject matter and process SMEs, Simpro, can offer you a testing strategy that optimizes efforts, improves testing coverage and utilizes the right combination of manual and automation testing to maximize benefits. The test strategy covers,

  • Functional Testing
  • Security Testing
  • Performance Testing
  • Tools Selection
  • Automation Strategy
  • Test Coverage


Test Development

Test development involves documentation of the scenarios to be tested and the development of the test cases for manual and automation testing. During this phase we develop scripts that is ready to be executed, implement the required tools and integrations environments to perform the tests. 

  • Test specification
  • Test cases
  • Test framework
  • Automation tests
  • Scripts for load/performance testing
  • Configure security tests


Test Management

Test management practices offer standard processes to manage all aspects of testing to help achieve outcomes 

  • Planning test cycles
  • Scheduling(resources/environments)
  • Execution of tests
  • Defect reporting and management
  • Release planning
  • Management reporting


Test Execution

Test execution encompasses execution of tests to verify test objectives for predetermined tests in controlled test environment. Execution activities involve

  • Installation and configuration of testing tool
  • Setting up of test management tools
  • Creation of test data
  • Preparing system to test
  • Execution of the manual/automation test cycles


    Simpro’s experienced and specialized Test Team, can support you with all type of testing be it to prove the technology, or confirm the software requirements, manual test or automation or highly specialized software security tests.



    Functional Testing

    (Open source frameworks such as Selenium and Katalium makes automation easier)

    v  Selenium (Web)

    v  Katalon Studio

    (Web, API, Mobile & Desktop)

    v  Appium (Mobile)

    Automation of functional testing tools help in

    –       Simplifying and optimizing test effort

    –       Reducing dependencies on process/business SMEs

    –       Repeatable and execution on-demand

    Performance Testing

    (Testing for performance using Open source solutions such as JMeter helps improve application performance)

    v  Apache JMeter (Web, API)

    v  Gatling (Web)

    v  Httperf (Web Servers)


    Testing applications for performance ensures applications are able to meet critical usage demand

    –       Applications are available during peak demands

    –       Identify performance issues and assist in performance tuning

    –       Improves user experience

    Security Testing

    (Open Web Application Security Project provides various Open Source tools for application security testing)

    v  OWASP Projects (Multiple)

    v  SonarQube (Cross-Site, Http, SQL, Memory)

    v  SQL Map (SQL Injection)

    Testing applications for security minimizes the risk of

    –       Sensitive data exposure & theft

    –       Security misconfigurations making applications vulnerable to various forms of attack

    –       Unauthorized access to application

    Test Management

    (Improve productivity by efficiently managing Tests)

    v  Zephyr

    v  TestRail

    v  TestMonitor


    Use of test management tools helps improve productivity by the virtue of

    –       Improved test planning and execution

    –       Advanced traceability between requirements, tests and defects

    –       Effective test reporting

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