What good is a company without its arsenal of players? Employees after all make or break any organisation, making them an essential cog in the wheel! At SIMPRO, we aim at offering state of the art recruitment solutions that can allow corporate houses like your organisation to grow faster and with sustainability and predictable growth. Supplemented with our expertise in HR practices, cutting edge technology and our speed of execution, you can expect effective and innovative recruitment solutions with results to show. Our recruitment services can be availed in three main modules:

Contingency Recruitment

SIMPRO offers an ongoing placement and recruitment service for client organisations. An ideal long term plan, we can get you in touch with the right professionals with the right skill set.

Permanent Staffing

We offer consultative and client-specific solutions to acquire the right talent for your organisation. Depending on your company’s business demands, work culture and other requirements, we offer a full-service recruitment experience through our vast network of experts.

Turnkey Staffing

At SIMPRO, we can help you identify the right skill required at the right time to fulfil a position or a project in multiple levels like junior, intermediate and senior management positions.

The SIMPRO Process

The SIMPRO process is designed to offer an organised and clean cut approach to recruitment. By cutting out any complicated algorithm, we allow our experts to focus on what’s important – the quality of candidates and their role in your company. 

Recruitment solutions at SIMPRO follow a simple 6 step process that is effective, efficient and fool proof. Right from understanding your unique needs to facilitating the right employees, we can handle all your recruitment needs. Here are the 6 steps for recruitment, the SIMPRO way.


SIMPRO’s recruitment services are widespread across many different industries. Our primary specialisation however is limited to diverse yet significant industry verticals like:

  • Hospitality and Administration
  • Automobile and Engineering
  • Marketing and Sales
  • IT and Infrastructure
  • Semiconductor, Embedded and Telecom


Choose SIMPRO?

We understand the importance of harbouring the right employees within your organisation and that is why we work closely with small, medium and large organisations. We aim to first understand your business before finding the right professionals to join it. Want more reasons to choose SIMPRO?

Streamlined delivery to reduce costs of interviews, selection, recruitment, on-boarding etc.


Greater ROI and immediate boost in productivity


Emphasis on your reputation as well as ours – we care about you.

Experienced and qualified team of recruitment experts in various fields



We focus on what you need, NOT what we find.


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