Stone Pro Quartz ERP

Stone Pro Quartz ERP is a software concretely designed for quartz industry . In an environment of growth for quartz in India Simpro provides a ready available tool that helps you to manage nuances of your company and to gain greater mileage from the start of your business processes. Quartz being a artificial product priorly requires a ideal composition of raw material where stone Pro helps you to maintain an appropriate design mix . Our lab inspection module helps you to obtain a quality raw material that allows you to manage your production line accurately .

Interactive dashboard

  • Daily production status – Stocks –WIP
  • Finished Slabs In-Hand -Color Wise & Thickness wise
  • Customer Orders -Pending Status

Bill of material/design mix

  • Item (quartz grains, filler and hardener)
  • Granule size
  • percentage


  • MSR List – Corresponding to Production Order Number
  • Indents – Purchase requisition
  • Item issued to Production
  • Quotation– History of previous Purchases
  • Quotation comparisons
  • Purchase order
  • Indent item pending list – Purchase Status


  • Material Receipt Note – Procure Cash or PO based Items with Physical Verification
  • Stock – Available Stock In-Hand
  • Inventory category – Production Consumables & Non-production Consumables
  • Material list – Map Items to Specific production Process
  • Laboratory – Raw Material Quality Check


  • Design – With Various Combinations of Bill Of Material Prepares and stores specific Designs
  • Production order – Job Order to Production team
  • Production entry – Shift wise Production Status
  • Production consumption – Obtain Costing
  • Map machine to Production Process
  • Finished slabs – Thickness , Color & Batch wise

Lab inspection & quality check

  • Factory inspection – Measurement (SQM & SFT)
  • Customer inspection – Measurement (SQM & SFT)