Stone Pro Quarry & mining ERP

Stone Pro Quarry & Mining ERP is a variant of Stone Pro which manages multiple quarries in a single centralized platform and helps in synchronizing quarry related data even in remote locations with instant management reports. E-quarry monitors daily machine running hours and consumables utilized in the block extraction process and makes production process simple and easy .

Interactive Dashboard

  • Inventory and Procurement Status
  • Block Production Status
  • Block Sold Status – Volume of Blocks produced V/S Volume of Block Sold
  • Machine Maintenance Status

Machinery and maintenance

  • Machine details – Machinery Cost , Sub Assemblies or parts , Performance Attributes & Maintenance
  • Daily running hours/kms – Machinery & Performance Attributes wise Dailly entry
  • Work order – Internal work order machinery repairs
  • Asset transfer – Transfer to other quarry


  • Request for quotes – Send online Requests
  • Vendor quotations – Store Vendor Quotations
  • Quote comparisons
  • Purchase order


  • Items – Production consumables and Non-Production Consumables
  • Items issued to Production team

Quarry (Block extraction, Wire saw cutting & Khandas)

  • Annual production plan – Pit number wise Expected Volume to cut V/S Actual Production
  • Blocks – Upload 5 Dimensional Block Photo & Measurement(Production Measurement , Buyers Measurement & Permit Measurement )
  • Wire saw cutting – Obtain costing Based on the Area Cut
  • Khandas – Management of Small or Cutter Blocks
  • Work order – Internal work order machinery repairs


  • Daily Trip sheet – Block Transportation