Stone Pro Granite/Marble ERP

Stone Pro Granite/Marble ERP is a end-to-end ERP solution specifically designed for granite & marble process houses which helps in tracking the cost of production ,keeping your customer order visible to all production team and also handle your block yield and recovery details efficiently.

Procurement/ Raw material

  • Indents
  • Get Vendor Quote – Store previous quotations for future reference
  • Quote Comparison for any item from various Supplier
  • Generate Purchase Order
    1. Block Purchases
    2. Slab Purchases
    3. Consumable Purchases
  • Freight / Transporter Charges
  • Marker Expenses
  • Good receipt Note


  • Consumable Inventory – Category wise (Production and Non-Production Consumable)
  • Block Inventory – Colour wise, Supplier and Quarry wise
  • Slab Inventory – Colour wise, Thickness wise, WIP Stock, Trading Slabs
  • Material Issues to Production Team
  • Opening vs. Closing Stock – Periodical verification (Stock – Excel upload as on date)


Track Cost of Production at every Production stage which includes consumables usage, wages, Machine Depreciation and other miscellaneous Expenses.

  • Block Dressing
  • Block Wrapping
  • Gangsaw Trolley Planning
  • Gangsaw / Multiwire Saw / Cutter
  • Slab Netting
  • Grinding
  • Epoxy / Resin
  • Polishing
  • Finished Slabs – Upload bundle wise Slab Photos
  • Cut to Size Finished Slabs
  • Cutter Finished Slabs

Quality & inspection

  • Factory Inspection and Measurement – SQMT and SQFT
  • Customer Inspection and Measurement –SQMT and SQFT
  • Generate Packing List

Sales and Dispatch

  • Generate Quotation
  • Generate Proforma Invoice
  • Generate Commercial Invoice
  • Generate Export Documentations

Machinery & Maintenance

  • Scheduled maintenance
  • Daily Running Hours
  • Consumables Usage