Land Acquisition Management System

Web based application developed by Simpro to manage the complete lifecycle of Land Acquisition and R&R process managed by Government department execution of Road projects, Water Resource Projects and Industrial Project where Land is acquired.

Simpro’s Land acquisition management system is developed to manage the database of project affected person / families due to Land Acquisition / R&R activity of an organisation. This application is also equipped to manage the approvals & generation of Notification / Notices / Awards. The court cases related to general awards are tracked and managed in this application.

The basic objective of the application includes:

  • Capturing Project & Survey Information
  • Generates Notifications & Notices
  • Tracks Progress of LAQ implementation
  • Captures Entitlements which needs to be paid
  • Stores Award Information
  • Captures Compensation Payment Information
  • Captures Possession and Title Transfer (Mutation) Status
  • Captures & Tracks Court Cases
  • MIS and Reports

Highlights of the applications 

  • Web based Application – can be accessed from multiple locations / offices simultaneously.
  • Work Flow based application.
  • Reduction in Errors as application would highlight multiple entries of same Survey / Compensation.
  • No restriction on Number of Users.
  • Application can be Bilingual – Can manage two languages English & Local Language.
  • E-mail and SMS Notification Alerts on pending approvals and Court Hearing.
  • Display of restricted data on department Website for Public.
  • Speedy Resolution of NOC / RTI Queries.
  • Court Cases and progress tracking.
  • Customized Reports and User Dashboard for fast retrieval of information. We can have separate dashboard for Ministry and customize it to their requirement.

Features based on User