Land Acquisition Management System (LAMS)

Land Acquisition is the process of acquiring Private land for the purpose of Industrialization, Development of Infrastructural Facilities or Urbanization of private land, and to compensate the affected land owners for their rehabilitation and resettlement.

There are multiple acts that govern land acquisition in India mainly given below:-

  • Right to Fair Compensation and Transparency in Land Acquisition, Rehabilitation and Resettlement Act, 2013 (LARR) 
  • Coal Bearing Areas (Acquisition and Development) Act, 1957
  • The Land Ports Authority of India Act, 2010 
  • The Metro Railways (Construction of Works) Act, 1978
  • The National Highways Act, 1956
  • The Railways Act, 1989 

The most common and recent act i.e. LARR (2013), focuses on providing not only compensation to the land owners, but also extend rehabilitation and resettlement benefits to livelihood looser from the land, which shall be in addition to the minimum compensation. 

Web based application developed by Simpro to manage the complete lifecycle of Land Acquisition and R&R process. It also manages the database of Project affected person / families due to Land acquisition activity of an organization. The major features are highlighted below.


Other Features :

  • Cadastral Map Representation
  • Mutation Tracking & Management
  • Capture On Field Survey Information through Mobile App 
  • Dashboard on Legal Case & Litigation Management
  • E-mail & SMS Notification Alerts on pending approval and Court Hearing
  • No restriction on Number of Users

Highlights of the applications 

  • Web based can be accessed simultaneously from multiple location 
  • Representation of Land on Google Map
  • Work Flow based application
  • Central Repository of LAQ information for Easy Retrieval
  • E-mail & SMS Notification on Pending approvals & Alerts
  • Application can be bilingual 
  • (English / local language)