Land Acquisition Management System (LAMS)

LAMS – India’s leading Land Acquisition Management  Software Solution

The involvement of stake holders and the provincial or state respective Land Acquisition acts makes it further complex and time consuming. At SIMPRO we have leveraged our deep understanding of the Land Acquisition acts and processes to develop one of first LAND ACQUISITION MANAGEMENT SOFTWARE SOLUTION  to connect layered information and present time bound progress of the Land Acquisition Stages.

LAMS (LAND ACQUISITION MANAGEMENT SOLUTION), a Web and Mobile based platform which provides 360 degree view of all Land Acquisition stages. Structural relation between Project Displaced Family (PDF) and Land Schedule (Survey/Khasra) provides an analytical snap shot of the Land Valuation, Compensation and encumbrance. Easy to access design and multilingual approach of LAMS makes it a sought for Land Acquisition solution.

Land Acquisition

Manage and Monitor Acquisition of Government, Forest and Private land through LAQ Acts, Direct purchase and Aggregators

R & R (Resettlement and Rehabilitation)

Track and Mange the payouts for R&R allowances and grants for the PDF members based on age and other eligibility parameters. 

Land and Asset Valuation

Record Measurement of Assets like Structures, Trees Bore wells etc. and generate valuation depending on the Guidance Value, Interest and Solatium proposed by the Authority.

ID Card

Generate and manage Color coded ID card for Government Encroachers, Land outsees and PAF   

Map Visualization

to analyse and display the geographically related data and
present the same in the form of Maps

Legal Management

Track and manage ongoing litigations at various courts,
record proceeding and provide
Notifications on next Hearings

Customized MIS and Dashboard

which allows Executives and other stakeholders to define targets and monitor Progress of key performance indicators

Grievance Management

Record the grievances reported and Track payouts

Drone Survey, DGPS & GIS Solution



Track and manage land acquisition (Private /Government and Forest land) progress (as per State Acts, Direct purchase and through aggregators) with Gantt Chart and Timeline.


Khata and Khasra (Survey) based management of Land share


Generate and prints bulk Notifications, Notices and Agreements


Record Asset measurement and generate Valuation


House Plot management and allotment


Record and mange the PDF / PAF (Project Displaced Family / Project Affected Family) and its member’s details.

  • – Manage Member’s resettlement Allowance Eligibility and payouts
  • – ID Card Generation and distribution

Monitoring of disputes, encumbrance, court cases, and other legal matters.


Manage Grievances and track payouts


Highlights of LAMS

Cadastral Map Representation

Captures Field Survey Information (SIA) and Measurements through Mobile App

E-Mail and SMS Notification Alerts

Central Repository of LAQ information for Easy Retrieval

Application is Bi-lingual (English & Local Language)

Customized MIS & Dashboard

Before LAMS


Manual tracking and consolidation of multiple project progress status


Manual preparation of various notices, valuation sheets and awards in excel sheet which is time consuming and need multiple checks and verification


No proper track of R&R benefits given to PAPs/PAFs


Manual updation of GIS application


No proper storage of LAQ and R&R documents


Dependent on Individuals for getting MIS and updates


Manual tracking on Legal and Grievance issues.

After LAMS


Tracks and consolidates project progress of multiple projects in single platform


Various Notices, Valuation Sheets, Awards and ID Cards are generated from application


R&R benefits like pension, allowances etc., are tracked


Automatic updation of GIS application through integration


All documents and data are stored in Centralized Server for easy retrieval


User based MIS and Dashboard helps updated information is available at all time

LAMS application is widely used in following Industries

Renewable Energy
Power Generation
Construction & Infrastrcuture

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