Stone Pro : Unique ERP Solutions

ERP Solutions For Stone Processing Units

Designed specifically for stone processing units, Stone Pro offers you:

  • Procurement
  • Management of Production line
  • Scheduled Maintenance
  • Optimisation of inventories and reduction
    of operational costs
  • Perform quality Checks and Inspections
  • Improves your marketing and sales efforts

Finora: Financial Instrument Management Solutions

Finora: Financial Instrument Management Solutions

Finora is a flagship product by SIMPRO and offers capabilities to help with:

  • Effective management of data
  • Reduced documentation and scheduling effort powered by automation
  • Proactive notifications to manage expiry dates
  • Analytical reports
  • Management Dashboards & MIS
  • History to help with auditing requirements.

Agora: IT Solutions to Boost Sourcing Efficiency

Personalised IT Solutions To Streamline Your Procurement Processes

SIMPRO offers a comprehensive solution, Agora for effective management of procurement by:

  • Strategic sourcing and supplier management
  • Streamlined purchase requisition, order and supplies
  • Quick and easy management of invoices and payments
  • Increased compliance and control
  • Effective management of inventories and stocks

YesEmployee: Customised HRM Solutions

State Of The Art Hr Management Solutions

YesEmployee, a simple and easy to use solution which simplifies your companies HR & administration functions:

  • Record personnel information
  • Resourcing and Staffing
  • Remuneration and Compensation
  • Performance management
  • HR Information System for policies, procedures & guidance.
  • Claims Management
  • Employee Time sheets
  • MIS and Analytical Reports

What are clients have to say about us:

QWhat was life like before you started using our product?A.Sometimes it was difficult to provide information to the concerned person & to the mgt on time.
QWhat was the need or problem that you had before you started using our product?A.It was a big issue w.r.t BG expiry date. Sometimes, the BGs gets expired without knowing to the Mgt.
QWhat made you feel at ease about choosing to work with our company?A. Quick response & assistance in all the levels.
QWhat would you tell someone who is considering to use our product?A. Value for money and really reduces manual work.
QWhat surprised you or made you the most happy about working on our product?A. Filter option, Detailed reports.
QWhat exceeded your expectations about our product?A. Uploading PDF files to application & view and update option.
QHow much money/effort you can save with our product?A.Surely it will help us in both the factors (especially in effort).
QHow much time did you save by working with our company?A. The team was very professional and always look forwards to solve the problems.
QWhat would you recommend about our company?A.Provides simple & easy to use the products, value for money.
QIs there anything else you would like to add?A. Nothing.