Drone Survey, DGPS & GIS Solution

Simpro specializes in autonomous data acquisition, near  real- time data  feeds, and accurate survey using Drone Survey, GIS Solution and GDPS, also photo gram metric mapping information services from “Drones”.

Drone Survey provides alternative solutions to costly data acquired from aircraft or similar airborne and/or vehicular platforms over areas that are not economically justified to be captured by such large aircraft, or may be difficult and/or dangerous for “manned” aircrafts or vehicles or ground survey teams. With our   UAV’s, we can confidently claim    that     we are producing truly accurate mapping data – the most accurate mapping data from a commercial UAV system – reliably, repeatedly,accurately.


Drone Survey
Drone Mapping
  • Our Drone Mapping Systems are autonomous(“self determining”)
  • Fly preprogrammed routes via autopilot & telemetry
  • Autopilot firmware coded forphotogrammetric precision
  • True accurate mapping systems (photogrammetric)
  • SRapid data acquisition and delivery
  • Safe & Reliable
  • Can fly under clouds and in strong winds

Our Team consists of highly tertiary qualified Civil Engineering Photo grammetrists, Surveyors, and very experienced Drone specialists. Here Drone Mapping Systems are designed to fly “true and steady” mapping flight lines with the performance and payloads required for accurate mapping.

Simpro is having experience in GIS Application Development, Web GIS Configuration, Drone Surveys and its data processing background.



Break- through technology of the future… at your service now! Our Drones are developed from the photogrammetric solution and then configured to an airframe. We have coded our own autopilot photogrammetric flight control software. This means that the autonomous flight paths, the camera exposure stations and our “active camera gimbal” are all rigorously controlled by our autopilot photogrammetry commands to ensure optimal accuracy.

Our technology developments have given us the advantages of ease of operations, short on-site times, and rapid automated processing for superior mapping data – with significant cost- savings to our customers.




Mining Industry

Weekly and Safely

Refuse and quarries


Plot Management

Assess Encroachment rapidly and accurately

Environmental monitoring

Authoritative and GIS-ready data

Agriculture and Wine industry

Rapid info for reactive benefits

Post Disaster mapping

Insurance Validation

With the clever integration of automated guidance technology, plus sophisticated Inertial Motion Units (IMU) and GPS controlling the advanced sensors, We capture high resolution data using pre-programmed, autonomous flights. Different advanced sensors can be deployed on board, depending upon the information required, and then the data is processed using rigorous photogrammetric and remote sensing algorithms with modern point- cloud computing architecture to provide accurate, high resolution geo-referenced mapping products – rapidly and economically.