Specialized Construction ERP Software

Agora is Specialized Construction ERP Software; an Internet Ready software solution popularly known as ERP for Construction & Contracting Business. Agora consists of integrated functions of Accounts & Finance management, Budgeting, Project Management, Purchase, Store & Inventory Control, Labour Contract Management, Human Resource Management, Quality Control, Tender Management & Client Billing, Equipment Management & Maintenance, Plant Management & Maintenance, Diesel management and Fixed Asset Management.

All the above functions share common data thus makes the organization homogenous. Different types of Contacts such as “Item Rate Contract” as well as “Fixed Value Contracts” can effectively be handled by Agora. Agora is useful for Residential, Industrial, Infrastructure, Road, Bridges, Power Plants, Mechanical, HVAC, WTP, STP, MEP, EPC, Turnkey, SEZ, Railway, Solar and other Construction Projects



The Construction ERP Software, Agora has been developed as a result of extensive market research & domain expertise of SIMPRO in procurement process for construction industries. However Agora fits well to all industries procurement needs. Agora offers comprehensive platform for strategic sourcing and supplier management, material receipts, optimisation of critical stock quantities and management of inventories, invoice and payments, with strong focus on compliance.


For large capital intensive projects effective management of budget becomes imperative. Agora offers you BOQ / Category based short term and long term budget creation and tracking with timely escalations on material wise variances.

  • BOQ based classification of Material and services
  • Project budget broken down into monthly and quarterly budgets
  • Notification on budget escalation and approvals
  • Computation of activity-wise and material-wise variance for quantity & Cost


On time procurement and efficient stock management is significant for construction and Infrastructure projects. Agora offers you visibility on real-time material consumption and stock allowing accurate purchase decisions without blocking cash flow in maintaining large stocks.

  • Generation of Requisition / Indent,
  • RFQ, Quote Comparison,
  • Material Purchase order Generation
  • GRN and Quality check
  • Stock and Material issues


Construction and Infrastructure projects are heavily dependent on the high value Plants, Machineries and vehicles. Optimal usage and timely maintenance of this assets and fleets enable companies to achieve substantial saving hence increasing project profitability. Agora offers you to track and mange the

  • List of all the plants, machineries and Vehicle
  • Management of Hired machineries
  • Daily running logs with ideal and break down timings
  • Machineries / vehicle wise Diesel issue and consumption reports
  • Management of Preventive and breakdown maintenance


The contract management is one of the core functions of the construction industry. Since majority of the work in done by multiple contractors viz. specialized contractors, labour contractors etc. the module is fully compliant to the various permutations & combinations of work orders required by the industry to get generated.

  • Registration of work contractors
  • Generation of work orders (with and without materials)
  • Contractor RA bills generation
  • RA Bills approvals (Linked to material consumption & milestone achievement)
  • Handling with material contracts, TDS, GST Retention, Advance, Debits, Credits & Securities

Project Management

Construction and infrastructure projects are mostly managed remotely and it’s essential for the managements to have transparent system to execute projects profitably. AGORA PMS breaks the BOQ into deliverables and tracks the progress for each milestone. 

  • Planning and scheduling
  • Milestone based Materials and resource prioritization
  • Real time integration with the project sites
  • Seamless flow of information
  • Milestone based RA billings


    HR is a complex responsibility involving many tasks from payroll and benefits management to employee recruitment to evaluation, retention, training, and performance management. Workforce Management module helps reduce time you spend managing HR tasks and can capitalize on your workforce’s potential. It empower your HR team to manage every day’s task quickly with a responsive and intuitive user interface.

    • Manage Employee Database and entitlements
    • Bio-metric based attendance and leave management.
    • Project wise NMR data and wages
    • Travel and expense management
    • Performance Management
    • Help-desk ticketing system for managing employee grievance, queries and service requests.


    One of the key modules among contractors who participate in tender (both Government & Private) and also issue tender. The module captures all the required information of a tender enquiry. Facility to enter the client’s BOQ and accordingly map with the inbuilt tasks provides the engineering and tendering department a greater transparency during the execution of the work and better control wrt the estimations provided in the tender..

    • Supports inward & outward tenders
    • Capture tender details; facility to alert users regarding tender eligibilities, submission dates and tender securities
    • Links Engineering & contract management
    • Historical data related to tender wins and losses

    Management and tracking of the securities provided for the tender

      Highlights of AGORA

      • Web based application, can be accessed from multiple location
      • E-Mail Notification alerts
      • Customized MIS and Dashboard
      • Transparent procurement and project management
      • Centralized project document management and monitoring
      • Mobile App for Daily progress tracking, Material issues, Machine and plants daily logs
      • Privilege based access and approvals


      Precise project planning and budgeting


      Realtime project progress monitering


      Efficient workforce management

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