FINORA is the India only integrated Economic guarantee and Financial Asset management application developed for companies to track, manage and update .

Bank Guarantees

A guarantee that the lending company will make sure a debtor will be able to pay their obligations. In other words, the bank will pay the debt if the debtor doesn’t fulfil the obligation. The customer, or debtor, can buy goods, buy equipment, or get a loan with the help of a bank guarantee. [1] A bank guarantee is a declaration from a bank or other lending institution that the bank will pay the loss if a specific borrower defaults.

Letter of Credits

When a supplier ships goods and provides the necessary documentation to the buyer’s bank as proof, the buyer’s bank agrees in a letter of credit to pay the supplier. Letters of Credit are a trade finance tool used to safeguard both suppliers and buyers.

Fixed Deposits

A fixed deposit (FD) is a financial product offered by banks or non-bank financial institutions that, up until the specified maturity date, offers investors a higher rate of interest than a typical savings account.


A party agrees to compensate another party in exchange for a fee in the event of a specific loss, damage, or injury as a means of financial loss protection. It is a method of risk management that is primarily employed to protect against the risk of a potential loss.

Term Loan

A term loan is a sum of money borrowed from a financial institution with a set repayment schedule and either a fixed or variable interest rate. When buying fixed assets like machinery or buildings or when starting projects that require a large sum of money and time in order to reap the benefits of such investments, term loans are frequently taken. Term loans are advantageous for getting quick cash while starting a new project or trying to meet a deadline. The creditworthiness and timely installment payments of businesses improve their credit scores.

Term Loan Module in Finora manages below information of Term Loan.
o Financing and Loan agreement details
o RC, Insurance & NOC details of Asset
o EMI Schedule Tracking and reminders for payment
o Report on pending principal amount and EMIs

Hassle-free extensions, renewals & amendments

Simpro, the top software provider in Bangalore with more than a decade of experience in guarantee management software, offers organisations a flexible platform to manage extensions, renewals, amendments, accrued interest, payouts, and a variety of other analytical features through Finora guarantee management software.

bank guarantee

Management of

Non Fund Based Limits

Dynamic dashboards for business units and bank-wise Non- Fund based Credit Facilities with highlights on Utilization, refund (Bank guarantees & Letter of credit) and Availability of Limit.


  • Can manage Advance BG’s, Performance BG’s, Retention BG’s goods Supply BG’s, EMD BG’s etc.
  • Manages the history of the Bank guarantee’s received or Issued – Addendums, extensions, terminations or foreclosure, encashment, returns, margin money and bank commission paid
  • Tracks the margin money and the FD linked against the same.
  • Scan & upload the documents related to Bank Guarantees.
  • Beforehand statement on BG expiries and renewals
  • Simplified MIS reports.
    1. BG’s issued and receipt statements
    2. BG’s status (Active or inactive) report
    3. Project, division and bank wise BG reports
    4. Beneficiary or benefactor wise BG statements
    5. BG type-wise reports
  • Track Bank-wise, project-wise and party-wise LC’s and their expiries.
  • Tracking of payment against Shipment and closure
  • Tracks other charges against LC
    1. Custom Clearance charges
    2. Loading and Unloading Charges
    3. Linear Charges
    4. Transportation Charges
    5. Storage Charges
    6. Shipping Line Charge
    7. Insurance
    8. Demurrage
    9. Fork-Lift Charges
  • Every LC is tracked with Issuing Bank, Negotiating Bank and Advising Bank.
  • Manages history of addendums, Margin money, LC Commission, stamp charges, handling charges, bank charges paid.
  • Tracks the margin money and the FD linked against the same.
  • Scan & upload the documents related to LC
  • Beforehand reminders on payment due date against LC.
  • Simplified MIS reports.
    1. LC issued statement
    2. LC’s status (Active or inactive) report
    3. Project, Division, Bank wise and party-wise LC reports
    4. Month-wise LC acceptance report
  • Track Bank-wise FD’s and the maturity.
  • Track all the lean FD’s and renewal FD’s (linked with BG)
  • Scan & upload the documents related to Fixed Deposits
  • Simplified MIS reports.
    1. FD’s status (Active or inactive) report.
    2. Cumulative/As on date Interest earned and TDS statement for every FD
    3. Bank wise FD report
  • Can manage multiple types of Insurances :-
    1. CAR Policy
    2. Corporate Health Insurance
    3. Project Insurance
    4. P&M and Vehicle Policy
    5. Workmen Compensation Policy
    6. Fixed Asset Insurance
    7. Fire Policy etc.,
  • Track claims raised against Insurance
  • Scan & upload the documents related to Insurance
  • Simplified MIS reports.
    1. Insurance status (Active or inactive) report
    2. Insurance type-wise reports

Term Loan Module in Finora manages below information of Term Loan.
o Financing and Loan agreement details
o RC, Insurance & NOC details of Asset
o EMI Schedule Tracking and reminders for payment
o Report on pending principal amount and EMIs

efficient banking service

Before Finora

  • Financial Instruments data was managed in Excel Spreadsheets and had no control on the data.
  • Multiple team members accessing same Excel spreadsheet and updating renewal information was a herculean task.
  • Tracking of Expiries and renewals was very adhoc and there was no escalation mechanism. In most cases renewals were happening during Claim Expiry Period.
  • Retrieval of information and Reports were very intermittent.
  • The whole management of financial instruments was person dependent which complicated the retrieval of information.

After Finora

  • Data managed in Finora can be accessed through privileges, which ensures timely action and control.
  • Multi Level escalation ensures timely action on the payment against LC and expiries of BG, Insurance and Fixed Deposit.
  • Standard Report Templates makes information retrieval and management reporting simpler.
  • Through Finora person dependency doesn’t exist.
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Benefits of Finora

  • Centralized Financial Information 

  • Efficient Management of Information 

  • Automated Notification of prompt action

  • User Friendly and web compatible interface 

  • 100% secure and real time data tracking 

  • No Duplication of Effort 

  • Single Click report generation 

  • 24/7 technical support


“Simpro has implemented two applications in our organisation & we recommend their services and wish them success in future activities”

Provided by T.Bhaskar CFO & Secretary

Shankaranarayana Constructions Pvt. Ltd.


“We hereby certify that M/s. Simpro has developed and implemented ERP application consisting multiple modules. We are happy and satisfied with the implementation and support provided by their team”

Shantveer Patil, Team Lead

IT & e-Governance – Infrastructure Development Corporation (Karnataka) Limited

FINORA application is widely used in following Industries

public sector
Public Sector
cement industry
power generation
Power Generation
construction & infrastructure
Construction & Infrastrcuture

Finora Dashboard Screens

Finora Dashboard 1
Finora dashboard 2
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