The IT asset management process clearly shows how efficiently your company spends money. By tracking the number of software purchases per year, you can allocate IT resources more accurately. Is it worth buying more or selling unused physical assets? However, using Excel-based spreadsheets for asset management can be time-consuming and cause human error. IT asset management software helps to centralize asset data so that you can track all information related to the system.

SIMPRO Asset management software is the enterprise’s asset accounting and management and depreciation calculation Application. It provides unparalleled speed and functionality, a user-friendly interface, and a powerful reporting system that converts data into actionable information. Human Resource Management System Asset registration and distribution (shared assets and IT), mobile management, and lease management, transmission and separation of NOC and MIS reports

Now Tracking every asset is made easier !!

Our adaptable technology can be customized according to your specific asset management needs.

Your business is unique, and your products requirements are unique. We understand this problem, which is why we created asset management software that can track almost everything and easily adapt to your current management of equipment. We believe that better asset tracking will lead to better business performance-you can keep your property in good condition, know where it needs to be, and avoid deterioration and destruction.

It’s worth saving time, energy, and money !!

Now you are probably spending a disproportionate amount of time on asset management like employees, Asset Registration & Allocation, Mobile Management, Lease & Rental Mgmt, Transfer & Separation of NOC’s, MIS Reports. and you may even realize this. with SIMPRO asset management software you can save 10 times of your expenses, time, and effort and maybe more than you think.

from all the time you’re able to track

  •   Real-Time Data

  •   Automated notice & alerts

  •   Notifications of Requests/ Approvals

  •   Retrieval of data

Smarter than ordinary spreadsheets.

Our easy-to-use tool provides you with a complete picture. you no longer need to display overloaded data records in the asset management table. complex Activity history, the hectic process of planning, duplication of data. Simpro asset management software built with user-friendly data logging, and one-click reporting-all in one convenient place.

For Employee

Employee masters (can be integrated into existing HR modules or possibly other applications)

Keep your team consistent From meeting rooms to warehouses, our asset tracking software is available to everyone in your company. Managers can view asset history, and their direct employees can manage assets anytime, anywhere.

Lease & Rental Mgmt

  •  Agreement creation

  •  Monitor of Agreement Approval Workflow

  •  Track Agreement Renewal / Termination requests

  • Room Allocation to Employee and Work Flow

MIS Reports

● Generate Module-based reports

Asset Registration & Allocation

  • Easy for Asset identification/tagging: The combination of correct asset identification technology and asset tracking solutions allows your company to fully understand your assets. You know where your assets are, even if they are used outside of your business. They also have records of asset usage and movement. Asset tagging and asset tracking solutions enable companies to monitor the condition of assets in order to plan maintenance work, make purchases at the right time, and determine their business value…

  • ●  Asset allocation: Tactical asset allocation strategy solves the challenge of strategic asset allocation in the context of long-term policies. Therefore, tactical asset allocation aims to maximize between departments and employees strategies. Clients can analyze their performance and risks based on selected benchmarks, including asset allocation reports and many other functions. The asset dashboard shows clear and intuitive breakdowns. Invest in high-yield assets

  • ●  Asset transfer (internal): Finally, there is an asset management system that suits you and your unique business needs. With the simpro asset management tool, you can focus on your business, not where your assets are located

  • ●  Asset acquisition and mortgage information

Asset life and recovery: Asset life cycle, asset recovery, fixed assets… An advantage that is often overlooked is the ability to recover assets. Asset recovery usually leads to the identification of inactive assets. Inactive assets not only cost money but also bring risks.

Mobile Management

Know the Limits of Allocation components
Excess Usage:
As components wear out and need to be replaced, each component will

gradually fail after its life cycle.

Usage Enhancement Request Asset Explorer & Asset Management helps you to know your asset network and automatically discovers all usage available in each workstation.


Transfer & Separation NOC

● Simplified for fetching information regarding NOC’s for Transfer and Resignation

Each company has assets, and we can assist you to manage them

  •   Government department
  •   Healthcare sector
  •   Constructions and Infrastructures
  •   Manufacturing
  •   IT Industry

How we can transform your asset management system

●  Customized Dashboards and Reports

●  E-mail Alerts &Notification

●  Web-based &Access based Application

●  Flexible and User Friendly