Acquiring and managing Assets for every business small or large is fundamental to the company’s, book. Without an asset management system, recording the history of an asset would involve manually filling in spreadsheets each time an incident occurs, or new user takes over the asset, whereas an efficient asset management system would reduce effort to a greater extent in cataloging, tracking and maintaining IT and Non-IT assets. 

Without asset management, recording the history of an asset would involve manually filling in spreadsheets each time an incident occurs, or new user takes over the asset.

Simpro’s Asset Management Software offers powerful tool and capabilities in a single, web- based platform to track your organization’s assets which includes IT assets such as Computers, Servers, Laptops, Printers, Firewall, Router, Scanners. Mobile devices, Networking equipment, Software’s and General Assets like Furniture, Home Décor, Storage Devices, Electrical Equipments etc.,. Our software enables a hassle free tracking of assets availability, assets location, allocation status along-with landing cost, asset life, depreciation and its salvage value.

Smarter than ordinary spreadsheets.

Our easy-to-use tool provides you with a complete picture. you no longer need to display overloaded data records in the asset management table. complex Activity history, the hectic process of planning, duplication of data. Simpro asset management software built with user-friendly data logging, and one-click reporting-all in one convenient place.

IT and General Asset Management

Vendor Management: Register, shortlist and grade vendors supplying IT / Non IT items, software’s and Service Providers.

Asset Listing or Registration: Every incoming Asset shall be listed with details enabling easy access and visibility. It records details related to Asset Purchase, Warranty and guarantees, Location, Asset Life, depreciation and salvage values.

Asset Tagging: Assets are tagged to give an overview of the asset usage and movement. Our Asset management software use combination of details such as asset type, location, department etc., to generate a unique ID, which then is converted into QR Code or Bar code to be printed and tagged to assets.

Asset Allocation: Management of asset assignment is critical and time consuming. Our asset management Application simplifies the tracking of asset assignment and movement between departments and employees.

Asset transfer: Asset transfer due to de-allocation or between different locations is managed efficiently in our tool. With Simpro’s asset management tool, you can focus on your business, not where your assets are located.

Asset life and recovery: An advantage that is often overlooked is the ability to recover assets. Asset life including warranty detail is captured in the application which helps in maximizing the value of unused or end-of-life asset through effective reuse.

For Employee

Employee masters (can be integrated into existing HR modules or possibly other applications)

Keep your team consistent From meeting rooms to warehouses, our asset tracking software is available to everyone in your company. Managers can view asset history, and their direct employees can manage assets anytime, anywhere. 

Mobile Management

Know the Limits of Allocation components
Excess Usage: As components wear out and need to be replaced, each component will gradually fail after its life cycle.

Usage Enhancement Request Asset Explorer & Asset Management helps you to know your asset network and automatically discovers all usage available in each workstation.

Lease & Rental Module

Lease and rental module of our Asset management application helps in management of leasing or renting of residential and commercial building or premises for projects or administrative purpose. It tracks and manages the effective dates and the commitments specified in the contract, along with an overview on allotments and occupancies.

Premise Details:

This section provides details information about

  • Premise Usage – Commercial or Residential
  • Premise Name and Measurement details 
  • Location and address of the premise
  • Details of the Landlord 
  • Mapping of project and cost centre
  • File Upload


This section summarizes the lease or the rental contracts with dynamic approval flow on draft, renewal and termination. 

    • Contract details – Deposit Amount, Monthly Rent, Rent Due Date, Maintenance Charges, Lock in Period and Notice period, YOY Escalation percentage, Agreement date with expiry and renewal details.

Agency Details:

 The details of estate agent who helped in identifying and leasing the property. 

  • Records and manage Agency Name and identification details, Address, Bank Account, and Commission Charges. 


  • Asset Allocation: Details the general and IT assets provided in the premise like Furniture, Bed, Electrical Equipments, Television etc.,

Room Allocation: Employees are allocated room in the premise for business related stay.


    Assets allocated to employees getting Transfers, are getting separated or are retiring must return all company allocated assets and data to obtain clearances on their entitlements. This module of the software helps manage, track and approve requests for obtaining NOC’s from managers and departments.

    Transfer NOC:

    • Manages details such as project and location being transferred to, Assets transferred, data backup etc., are captured with dynamic approval flow.  

    Separation NOC

    Manage and track the return of assets held by the employee leaving the organization

    Each company has assets, and we can assist you to manage them


    Government department


    Healthcare sector


    Constructions and Infrastructures




    IT Industry

      How we can transform your asset management system

      • – Centralized Asset Database
      • – Historical data for business or analytical usage
      • – Have greater Asset visibility 
      • – Increase accountability 
      • – Reduce Unnecessary purchases
      • – Improve management of depreciable assets 
      • – Better measure and control asset costs 
      • – E-Mail Notification alerts 
      • – Customized MIS and Dashboard

      Before Asset Management Software


      Asset and Lease agreement data are managed manually in spreadsheets.


      Limited transparency on Inventory or availability leads to adhoc purchase of Assets.


      Manual process on handover of asset and company’s data


      Inadequate information on room allotment and periodicity of usage.

        After Asset Management Software


        Asset and Lease agreement data are centrally managed


        Maximize return on Assets by optimum usage of Asset and increasing asset uptime.


        Easily manage and compute rental charges and keeping track of expiries, renewals and escalations in rentals.


        Through NOC module handover/transfer of Asset and data is tracked and managed.


        Possible to track the usage periodicity of asset or room by employee.

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