What is YesEmployee?

YesEmployee is the one-stop solution that caters to all your HR Management needs. With the increasingly growth oriented market today, you need a scalable solution that is fine tuned to your company's unique needs. SIMPRO's YesEmployee is a futuristic and user-friendly solution that can take over all your HR needs and even give you some additional perks! With YesEmployee, your HRM becomes better, faster and simpler!

YesEmployee is BETTER:

· Multiple payment options · Mobile and Web-based access · One stop window for HR and administration needs · Up-to-date statutory formats (Govt. mandated) · Intuitive and user friendly interface

YesEmployee is SIMPLER:

· Easy access of information · Easy to use for both employees and management · Reduced paperwork and manual work · Productivity management · Exhaustive, yet simple reports to help decision making.

YesEmployee is FASTER:

· Reduced time for staffing and contracting · Quick and streamlined payroll · Automated workflows for approvals · Integrated compensation and reimbursement · Efficient performance management.

Why YesEmployee?

HR Management solutions today are aplenty but there six ways in which YesEmployee leads the pack. Here's why you should consider choosing YesEmployee for your organisation.
  • Customised as per your needs
  • Complete after-sales support
  • Multiple payment modes
  • On-demand third party integration
  • Complete record of performance and productivity
  • Complete control of data representation


YesEmployee has features that cover all aspects of human resource management, making your job easier, faster and more efficient. With simple and easy to use features, YesEmployee can eliminate all your HRM concerns and give you a scalable, user-friendly and sustainable solution.

  • Enter or alter company details like registration, PF registration, ESI registration
  • Enter or alter employee database in bulk with basic data, education, positional and official data
  • Enter or alter HR master details
  • Enter or alter role assignments with login credentials
  • Leave management: Application, approval, cancel, leave balance, carry forward, deficit leaves, automated salary adjustments for LOP, SMS requests for sick leave
  • Time Sheets and Rosters: Task assignments, quick traceability of employee's work in a day.
  • Attendance Management: Integrated with biometric, manual and swipe cards, mass upload in excel format, attendance data integrated with payroll calculation

  • Enter or alter salary legend with predefined percentages of salary heads
  • Enter or alter employee-wise CTC and other salary components
  • Mass upload / employee wise data entry, monthly payslip generation
  • Enter or alter IT declarations, TDS deductions and Form-16
  • Creation and approval of job vacancies
  • Scheduling interviews and feedback collection
  • Single click automated generation of offer letter, appointment letter and termination letter.
  • Requesting and scheduling of official travel trips
  • Approving travel request by automated 'On Duty' status
  • On demand SMS requests and approval/rejection
  • Travel expenses and reimbursement
  • Travel expense advance estimations  
  • Application, approval and cancellation of employee training
  • Training calendars and attendance
  • Accumulation of feedback
  • Training documents and other references
  • Application, approval and cancellation of medical, fuel and telephone claims
  • Automated intimation to finance department for all approvals
  • Tracking pending claims for approvals and settlements
  • Appraisal methods through employee self appraisals and ratings from reporting / line managers
  • Customised appraisal methods for quarterly, mid year and annually
  • Employee list based on department, branch and location
  • Month wise leave summary
  • Attendance reports
  • Travel and expenses report
  • Appraisal report
  • Training and feedback report
  • Recruitment reports i.e. number of candidates, shortlisted candidates and feedback.

  • Address book
  • Notice board
  • Holiday list
  • Notifications: SMS, email and alerts
  • Organisation structure and tree


SIMPRO offers YesEmployee in 4 distinct packages with unique services and pricing. Depending on your company's needs, you can choose from Silver, Gold, Diamond and Platinum packages.

Silver Price on request
  • Personnel Management
  • Payroll
  • Work & Time

Gold Price on request
  • All Silver Modules +
  • Travel
  • Claim Management

Diamond Price on request
  • All Gold Modules +
  • Appraisal
  • Training

Platinum Price on request
  • All Diamond Modules +
  • Recruitment

*Taxes Applicable

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On Premise

SIMPRO offers YesEmployee is both cloud and on-premise versions. All of our packages are valid for both versions and our team will personally install and prepare the software based on the package of your choice. Contact us today for on-premise installation.


PIck and choose the services of your choice under YesEmployee’s subscription module that suit your needs perfectly.


SIMPRO offers round the clock technical support and remote assistance for all YesEmployee subscribers for both cloud and on-premise setups. If you are facing any technical difficulties or are looking for assistance, contact us right away.