IT services

Regardless of the niche or industry, IT is indispensable to most modern day business. Daily Business processes and performance in today’s world is powered by IT solutions and systems. At SIMPRO, we focus on helping organizations design and develop IT solutions to accomplish their business objectives. With a professional, nurturing and comprehensive service model specifically designed for effective IT services and offshore software development, SIMPRO works hand in hand with your organization at every stage.

Custom Software Development

We SIMPRO have been delivering successful custom software development services for a wide variety of verticals and business domains all over the world . We don’t just build software. We invent software. We modernize your systems and capture the uniqueness of your business in a fully supported custom software application that will differentiate your organization in the marketplace.

Custom Software Development Process

1. Understanding your Vision This process allows us to get to know your company and your company Requirements necessary to build the required software .
Steps we follow to identify customer requirements ,
  • Define the Scope
  • Gather Raw information
  • Interpretation of the gathered information
  • Organize the requirements
  • Establish qualified significance of the requirements
  • Reflect on Results
2. Documentation In this process we a Create detailed documents on the user and technical material used in the project tailored to implementation
The documentation process includes the following steps,
  • Study the Requirements
  • Understand the Client needs
  • Strategic planning
  • Develop a Methodology
  • Preparing a proposal – Goals, Proposed Methodology, Time and cost & Benefits
3. Application Development Development of your system is done through iterations. A full demonstration of the system is provided at the end of each iteration till the application is completely developed . Our technical team immerse themselves in your challenges and inclination to provide the type of service and commitment you need.
Application development process includes ,
  • Designing the application
  • Development of the code in accordance to design models
4. Testing & Bug fixing The built application is tested at the end of each iteration till the completion of the software development to provide effective and eminent software out. Testing and bug fixing process is as follows,
  • Testing of the code according to test plans and cases
  • Integration of the application
  • Customer acceptance tests and customer feedback
  • Debugging based on the customer feedback
5. Implementation and support In this stage our team effectively integrate the fully developed software into the workflow of your organizational structure and support you until your custom software project is successful and delivers an effective result .
Implementation and support procedure,
  • Planning and configuration
  • System selection and Installation
  • Data Transformation and loading
  • Testing and validation
  • User training and strategy Development
  • Final touch (go live) & on-going support

Development Methodology

We follow AGILE Development Process

In the initial stage we build a system based on the user requirements and carry out a iteration based improvement to the system on an ongoing basis. Our process is based on a flexible approach in which we can adjust and modify the system as and when needed, re-structure, remove features or add features as you go on.

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Mobile App Development

Looking for the best mobile app development company in India ?

Look no further!

Mobile Apps nowadays are the quickest and most effective way to reach, engage the global audience very easily. Our SIMPRO team with experts will plan ,design, develop, and Implement the apps based on the client requirements operating under agile development Methodologies , we work with organizations to deliver Best efficient mobile apps.
We design and develop the following Mobile apps (IOS , Android ,Windows , iPhone & iPad)
Mobile web Apps Web apps are really websites that, in many ways, look and feel like native applications. They are run by a browser Mobile web apps can be designed to run reasonably well via almost any smart mobile web browser.
Native mobile Apps AppsNative apps are developed for a single mobile operating system exclusively, therefore they are “native” for a particular platform or device. App built for systems like iOS, Android, Windows phone, Symbian, Blackberry can not be used on a platform other than their own.
Hybrid Mobile Apps They are built using multi-platform web technologies. Hybrid Apps are like native apps, run on the device, Hybrid apps run inside a native container, and leverage the device’s browser engine (but not the browser) to render.

Our Success Stories


KSHIP implements externally aided road development projects in the state of Karnataka. In this connection it acquires land from the residents and provide compensation or Resettlement assistance against the aquared land. KSHIP approached Simpro to develop a DBMS application to manage the records related to kahtedhars , squatters, tenants and the records related to the land acquired and the compensation paid . the application developed can also send out notifications as per government policies and requirements , Facilities have been provided for citizens to check status on compensation on the internet.

2. iDecK

IDeCK works for development of infrastructure in transportation, tourism, industrial and renewable energy. Challenge of the IDeCK was to develop a web based application which can be accessed over internet from anywhere and employees can fill data on regular basis including

  • Timesheet & Leave
  • Travel Management
  • Payroll Processing
  • Business Development
  • Project & Budgeting
  • Recruitment
  • Data Bank of Projects & external experts
The implemented solution resulted in developing a web based application for managing the Employee information efficiently .

3. Karnataka Neeravari Nigam Limited (KNNL)

KNNL is responsible for planning, investigation, estimation, execution, operation and maintenance of all the irrigation projects. The financial department in KNNL approached Simpro regarding the development of application to manage bank guarantees, Manage grants, Bills ,Payments made towards works under SCP, Maintaining of data on all financials of KNNL, Maintain data of land Acquired and compensation. Responding to the requirement of KNNL, Simpro Provided

    1. Managing of Bank guarantees
  2. SCP / TSP
    1. Entry fields to capture Grants, Borrowings, Budgets, expenditure, Payments and Pending Bills under SCP & TSP.
    2. Supports bilingual (Kannada and English) entry of information
    3. Generates reports for persons benefited within a constituency under SCP / TSP
  3. MIS
    1. Captures information’s related to Government Notifications, Budget & Expenditure, Project physical progress, Loans, Bonds, Water rates etc.
    2. Dynamic reporting