Stone Pro Granite/Marble Trade

Stone Pro Granite/Marble Trade Designed specifically for Job Workers and Direct Traders. It involves Slab Procurement with measurement sheet, Finished Slab Inventory (Optional to stock inventory)and Sales Formalities. Stone Pro Trade works one step ahead with cost sheet analysis (Factory block Cutting Cost Analysis) and Measurement Variance Analysis.



Interactive Dashboard
  • Graphical representation year wise slab sold status (SQM & SFT)
  • Color wise sold slabs (SQM & SFT)
  • Color wise stock in –hand(SQM & SFT)
  • Covering letters
  • Bill of exchange
  • Form -2
  • Form SDF
  • ARE
  • Purchase order Generation with Vendor Measurement sheet
  • Item Inward
  • Purchase Order Closure Status
  • Invoice Register(Shipment status, Customer payment outstanding & Bill of lading details
  • Lot wise Measurement analysis
  • Order Status
  • Stock In-Hand
  • BL In-hand
  • Purchase Order Closure Status
  • Proforma Invoice(Links PO materials without Item Inward)
  • Invoice
  • Proforma Invoice Closure status(Pending orders)