What is Finora?

SIMPRO introduces Finora, a centralised management system for all your financial instruments. With Finora, managing any financial information regarding insurance, FDs, cheques and LCs becomes easy, seamless and error-free. Accessing essential financial information about your organisation is very easy with Finora.

Here's what Finora can do for you:

Letter of Credit
  • Pre-Processing of LC
  • Generation of LC Application
  • Automated Workflow
  • LC Database
  • LC Amendments
  • LC Payments & Charges
  • LC Closure
  • MIS Reports
Bank Guarantee
  • Pre-Processing of BG
  • BG Request Letter to Bank
  • BG Database
  • Managing Extension
  • Managing Amendments
  • BG Closure & Return
  • Automatic Notification on Expiry
  • BG Encashment
  • MIS Reports
Fixed Deposit
  • FD Summary
  • FD Links
  • Notification on Expiry
  • Real Time Limit Tracking
  • MIS Reports
  • Insurance Database
  • Automatic Notification
  • Various Insurance Types
  • Real Time Premium Tracker
  • MIS Reports
Undated/Post Dated Cheques
  • UDC & PDC Repository
  • Remittance Tracking of UDC/PDC
  • Notification on Expiry of PDC
  • MIS Reports

Why Choose Finora?

  • Centralise all financial information
  • Efficient management of information
  • Automated notifications for prompt action
  • User-friendly and web-compatible interface
  • 100% secure and real time data tracking
  • Single-click report generation
  • All inclusive technical support

Owing to its single cloud platform design, you also stand to save a lot with Finora. Here's how:

Save Time

with automatic alerts and notices, real time data and easy access of historical information.

Save money

with reduced paperwork, zero default risk and improved efficiency.

Save Resources

with one-click reports, zero duplication and easy data recording.


Finora comes with an extensive set of features and functions that make it easier for you to manage your financial instruments.

Built with an appealing, comprehensive and user friendly dashboard, Finora doesn't require extensive knowledge or experience in software or handling. We have made it easy.

Creating reports is no longer a chore as Finora offers single click auto-generated reports that are concise, informative and easy to comprehend.

Managed on a single Solution, Finora is ideal for managing FDs, Insurance, Letter of Credit, Bank Guarantees and Undated or Post-dated cheques. All your financial instruments managed under a single, easy to use platform.

: Looking up information on projects, packages, banks, beneficiaries and benefactors? Finora has the Masters feature that allows you quick access to any essential data you may need.

With Finora, you never have to worry about documentations. With quick and automated version management, downloads and uploads just got easier.

Finora is equipped with Renewal and Usance features that facilitate seamless scheduling and planning.

With Finora's notifications features, you never have to worry about missing deadlines. Every essential task is accompanied by an automated email alert prior to expiry.

Want to compare this year's stats with the previous one? With Finora, you can make easy year on year comparisons with easy to read tables and multiple comparison criteria.


Finora can be customised according to your unique needs as we offer a number of packages and combinations made for you. This is our range of subscription pricing.

  • Bank Guarantee/Letter of Credit
  • Fixed Deposit
  • Masters - Vendors, Project, Bank
  • Report
  • Data Upload (100 Renewals)

  • Bank Guarantee
  • Letter of Credit
  • Fixed Deposit
  • Masters - Vendors, Project, Bank
  • Report
  • Data Upload (100 Renewals)

  • Bank Guarantee
  • Letter of Credit
  • Fixed Deposit
  • Undated Cheques
  • Insurance
  • Masters - Vendors, Project, Bank
  • Report
  • Data Upload (100 Renewals)

*Taxes Applicable

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