What is STONE PRO?

Flexible , expansive and scalable . Stone pro is a robust processing software that provides complete integration of business operations for slab processing , quarry and mining ,monuments and quartz units. It aims to ease the business challenges of a stone processing unit and offers end-to-end solutions covering procurement ,management of production line and dispatch.


E-gran ERP is a extensive research to offer comprehensive solutions for stone processing units. Designed specifically for the granite industry, E-GRAN /E-MARB contains necessary features, utilities and functions that are best suited for an organisation in this niche industry. It aims to ease the challenges of a stone processing unit, and offers end to end solution covering procurement, management of production line and dispatch.


SP E-CATALOGUE is a unique product display tool which helps the Granite industry to reach out their customers with the minimum effort. It helps the Granite industry to increase their sales by keeping their clients updated regarding their stock. It also helps in keeping the clients updated regarding the launch of any new or unique Color.


SP E-TRADE helps Retail and Wholesale traders focussing on Domestic and International Sales. It helps Granite industry which deals with procurement of slabs and selling the same (with or without processing). It also communicates between Purchase, Sales and Inventory Module.

Categories of STONE PRO

E-GRAN/E-MARB Slab Processing

E-GRAN/E-MARB ERP is designed specifically for Granite and marble slab processors with necessary features , utilities and functions that are best suited for this industry.

E-Quarry & Mining

E- quarry & mining improves operational efficiency with the ease of communication , sharing of data and operations between the departments related to multiple accepts of procurement . stock keeping , production & dispatch.


E- quartz aims to improve organizations wide operations in various work centers and provides visibility over status & timelines and ease to in retrieval of data .


E-monument is a complete end to end application which is designed to address the technological needs of monument Industries. This E-monument Erp enables the overall productivity and performance and automates the daily operations and helps user to the get the information very fast.

  • Generating Purchase Order (Block & Other Items)
  • Complete Approval Process
  • Vendor Information
  • Generating MIS Reports

  • Customised Process For Granite Industry
  • Inspection Of Raw Blocks
  • Entry / Dressing / Sawing / Matting / Grinding / Epoxy / Polishing
  • Tracking And Costing Of Consumables
  • Allocations (If Any) Of Rework
  • Detailed Process Summary (Yield Ratio, Machine Running Hour, Rate, Consumption, Current Status)
  • Approval Process
  • Other Expenses (Transport, Marking, And Quarry)
  • Generating MIS Reports
  • Planned / Breakdown Maintenance
  • Warranty and Insurance Cost Tracking
  • Generating MIS Reports
  • Inspection of Granite Slabs
  • Allocation (if any) of Rework
  • Generating MIS Reports
  • Stock Availability Status (Raw, Finished, Other Consumables)
  • Sales / Purchase Returns for Damaged Items
  • GRN Register / Vendor Details
  • Generating MIS Reports

  • Customer Access
  • Interlinked with Inventory
  • Inventory Availability Status
  • Photos and Descriptions of Slabs
  • E-Mail Triggering System (Enquiries and Orders)
  • Generating Sales Report

  • Generating Packing List
  • Generating Invoice (Performa, DTA, TPE, IUT, Export)
  • Generating Sales Reports
  • Customer Details

  • User Friendly Dashboard
  • Multi-Currency Options / Mobile Accessible
  • Graphs and Charts
  • Online Approval for Access (User, Admin and Management)
  • Web Based Application (Cloud or In-House)
  1. Customers can view real-time inventory of Slabs
  2. Works similar like E-Cart (Customers can send Query & request for Proforma Invoice)
  3. Notification alerts to clients for all new uploads
  4. You can display Top Selling Slabs, Slabs on Special Offer. Also any discounts (bulk discounts) (for all customers | specific customers)
  5. 3 Access Control – Admin | Customer | Sales People
  6. Complete Customer Database – Taste & Preference wise, Price wise, geographical region wise & slab colour wise.
  7. Web based Application

a. Generate PO
b. Inward Inspection (Measurement Analysis Sheet)
c. PO Closure Status
d. Vendor Management

Colour | Location | Thickness | Finish Type | PO number | Supplier | Cost | Quality wise

a. Generate Proforma Invoice
b. Packing List
c. Customer Management
d. Slab Inspection (Measurement Analysis)
e. Generate Invoice

View History

a. Covering Letter
b. Bill of Exchange
c. Form 2
d. Form SDF

a. Access Based Dashboard
b. On Demand Cloud Based
c. Multi User Application
d. Customer made as per customer
e. MIS Reports

On Premise Price on request
  • Free support for 6 months
  • Customised MIS Reports (Limited of 10 days)
  • AMC charges applicable post 6 months

Subscription Price on request
  • Quarterly payment options
  • Fixed one time implementation cost
  • Minimum subscription of 18 months

*Taxes Applicable

If your stone processing unit has reached a plateau when it comes to managing your stone processing unit,
E-Gran will change the way you work.

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